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Because excellence develops over time, the Casal Santa Eulàlia has been gradually building its own identity within the fascinating 800 years of history that surrounds it.

The Year 1242

The first historical archives of this manor house go back to the year 1242. In this era the property was one of the most important in the north of Majorca since it was part of the possessions of the Count of Ampurias. His estate was used as a hunting ground.

The Year 1242 - Hotel Casal Santa Eulalia - Can Picafort

The 13th Century

One of the special things about Casal Santa Eulàlia is the beautiful architectural mix that the visitor can appreciate as soon as they enter the elegant facilities. This combination is a result of the different styles of construction that was added over the centuries, with one of the highlights being ...

The 13th Century - Hotel Casal Santa Eulalia - Can Picafort

The 15th Century

The Casal Santa Eulàlia had more than 3,000 hectares of farm that went as far as the beaches of Can Picafort and Muro.

The 15th Century - Hotel Casal Santa Eulalia - Can Picafort

The 18th Century

This was a time of changes for the farm. At the beginning of the century, it was converted into a convent of the order of "Santa Catarina de Sena". Later, it would become the property of the Government. In the 19th century it was transformed into a quarry at Mares ...

The 18th Century - Hotel Casal Santa Eulalia - Can Picafort

The Year 1997

On this date, the building was restored and converted by its current owners into the elegant rural house that it is today. Every effort has been made to preserve all the details from the different periods as well as the architecture.

The Year 1997 - Hotel Casal Santa Eulalia - Can Picafort